And You Thought Trump Rallies Were Huge, Check Out The Size Of A Recent Cruz Rally In Indiana!

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You thought Donald Trump’s 30,000 person event in California was big, wait till you see the size of Lying Ted’s most recent rally!

I think this says allot, don’t you? It should also be an indicator to Ted Cruz that his run for Republican nominee has hit a brick wall at about 120 mph. A man who’s entire campaign has been built around sinking one man, Donald J Trump.

It’s to bad I personally had allot of respect for Ted Cruz before his campaign for president and even during the early months of his campaign . In fact I was really gravitating toward him, but as time went on it became clear that Cruz was about as authentic as a 3 dollar bill. As it turns out Ted is just another globalist funded, back stabbing, dirty dealing politician looking to “Rule The World.” Better luck next time Ted.

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