Wild Man Catches Rabbit Using Venomous Snakes Bare Handed!

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Andrew Ucles, like Steve Irwin on speed, scoops up 3 venomous snakes, then uses them to catch a rabbit, bare handed!

I’m serious too, I don’t think Steve Irwin would have attempted what wild man Andrew Ucles does in this video. Going toe to toe with one of Australia’s most venomous snakes is crazy enough, but catching and handling 3 of them at the same time! You would almost have to be on drugs to do something like this!

Joking aside, Ucles is one of the worlds foremost animal behavioral experts. His experience, coupled with a big dose of balls, allows him to handle venomous snakes like this off without getting bit. Make no mistake though, all it takes is one slip up, one mishap and his career and life could come to a tragic end. Just look at what happened to Steve Irwin, god bless his soul. The man was amazing with animals, but all it took was one split second of complacency and it was all over. God I loved Steve Irwin!

Andrew then, after single-handedly wrestling two Red Bellied Black Snakes and one Tiger Snake uses them to push a rabbit out of it’s under ground layer. He does this by places nets over each rabbit hole. He then takes each of the snakes that he wrangled up and drops them into different rabbit holes. After a long wait a rabbit eventually comes barreling to the surface and becomes entangled in a net.

Andrew Ucles hints that this technique could be used in a survival situation. I beg to differ! The last thing you want to do in a survival situation is screw with venomous snakes. In a survival situation your goal should always be to avoid as much danger as possible. Trying to handle 3 of the most venomous snakes in the world at the same time is borderline insane in the safest of settings.

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