This Makes Me Want To Quit Working And Become A Career Welfare Bum!

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Just kidding, I take great pride in working every day, paying my own bills and feeding my family with cash, not food stamps.

But this girl, if you didn’t know she was opening a welfare acceptance letter, you would think she had just found out she won the $1 Million Publisher Clearing House sweepstakes or something. Is this really something to celebrate over, is it really something to be proud of?

This is even more disturbing. Did you know there are more than 109,631,000 receiving welfare in America? That is an astounding 34% of the population! And these numbers are from a 2012 census, I’d imagine that it has only gone up in the last 4 years.

Here’s the knockout punch! There are more people on welfare in America than there are full time employees, no wonder our country is going to crap. How can a country that has more welfare recipients than full time employees create the wealth and prosperity this country needs to be great? It can’t, we have literally turned into a nanny state, where the government is taking care of most of it’s people. There’s no freedom in that! I’ve watched videos and listened to people the label the working class, the slave class. the truth of the matter is, if your not working, if the government is the provider for your family, if your wealth comes from the government, you are the slave! Just something to think about.

Then you have the people that need the welfare and government assistance. Those people 95% of the time do not get it and I  know this from experience! I fell 30 feet a few years back, breaking my heals and my back. I was out of work for a long……time and do you think I could get any help from the welfare system that I had been paying into for years and years and years? No, I made to much, I did not qualify because I made to much money when I was working. But if your a bum who has been lazy your entire life you qualify for everything!

This is a system that needs to be changed, it needs rebuilt, or restructured to benefit the people that need it. Shoot I demand it and you should to. After all we are the ones paying for it.

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