Watch What Happens When A 20′ Anaconda Decides To Make Lunch Out Of A Dog!

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20′ Anaconda grabs a dog outside of a Thia village and decides to make lunch out of him. This dog has absolutely no chance against the gigantic beast, only a miracle will save this pup.

snake eating dog

Anaconda kill by squeezing their prey to death. Once in the strangle hold of snake this large it would be hard for a full grown man to break free. A dog this would be crushed to death in literally minuets with absolutely no chance of getting away.

Luckily for this dog a few villagers took notice to what was going on and jumped in to help! Normally when a gigantic 20′ Anaconda decides to make lunch of something there is really no hope for the animal on the receiving end.

snake eating dog2

The villagers got the large Anaconda to release the dog from it’s death grip in the nick of time. There was another problem though and that was the snake’s razor sharp teethe!

Unfortunately for this dog the snake’s squeezing grip was only half of the battle. The gigantic snake still had the dog in his mouth and he was not letting go.

snake eating dog3

Although not poisonous Anacondas have very large, very sharp, fish hook shaped teeth. So releasing the dog from the snakes mouth seemed next to impossible. Even after the Anaconda’s head was beat with sticks and machetes it still would not release this dog. The angle of the Anaconda’s teeth make releasing it’s bite extremely difficult.

Finally the villagers freed the dog from the snakes razor sharp teeth. Although hurt the dog walks away and attempts to shake the deadly encounter off.

snake eating dog4

This dog got away with some cuts and bruises, it is very lucky. If the giant Anaconda would have got him around the chest the dog would not have survived this ordeal. Because the snake had him by the front half and there were people to help save him he lives to fight another day!

The Anaconda was not as lucky. In a turn of events it was the snake that turned out to be lunch for the entire village!

snake eating dog5

The snake after being beaten with sticks and machetes did not live. The tables were turned on this Anaconda. The Anaconda who was looking for an easy meal became the main course for a village full of brave Thia men.


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