Watch Light Move, 1 Trillion Fps The Slowest Slow Motion Imaging Ever

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MIT researchers devised a way to acquire visual data at a rate of 1 trillion frames per second. The imaging is so fast the a the camera can literally record light moving through space. In the case of this video it records a burst of light moving through a 2 litter bottle. The light moving in slow motion can been seen moving through the bottle, bouncing off the cap and refracting back into the bottle.

To try an wrap you head around just how fast, or slow 1 trillion frames per second is check this photo out. The bullet traveling through the light bulb was imaged at about 1 million frames per second.

1 trillion fps

1 Trillion frames per second can actually film a packet of light photons as it moves through space as seen below.

1 trillion frames pers second

The “ultimate” in slow motion: “There’s nothing in the universe that looks fast to this camera,” he says.

A professor of applied holography during the 1970’s pioneered a technique high speed filming technique called light-in-flight holography. The technique for the time was ground breaking research and was able to achieve a filming rate of close to 1 billion frames per second.

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