This Is The Video That Will Get Donald Trump Elected!

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This is the video they don’t want you to see, it could get Donald Trump elected!

The media has painted a horrible picture of Donald Trump that is completely and totally false. Thankfully there are enough Americans left out there, with enough sense to realize they are being lied to. It makes an amazing statement though, you known about the media. The same media that is damning Donald Trump now in this election cycle was practically begging him to run a decade ago. What changed? Simple, it just shows how controlled our country has become. The same globalist power brokers who have swooped in and consumed everything from Wall Street to the White House have also gained control over our media outlets. This has allowed them, as you’ve seen recently to lie, manipulate and twist anything they wish to fit their agenda of complete and total domination. If the player doesn’t play for their team they will use any means necessary to stop that person.

One thing you will notice about Trump once you break away from the false media narrative is that he is a 100% god loving, American patriot. His basic views and policies have remained unchanged for more than 30 years. All of which are aligned with creating and sustaining an economically healthy America, an America that is aligned with nationalism, not globalism and an America that is safe and secure from outside and inside threats.

The Trump media onslaught will continue without a doubt, though it will only continue to drive nails into the establishment’s coffin. You would think by now they would have realized their propaganda and lies don’t sell anymore. The people of this country have already made that clear, with the average media approval rating dropping to an all time low of less than 14%!

This and other videos like it dismiss all the Donald Trump lies, misconceptions and propaganda pushed and pressed down the throats of impressionable Americans by the likes of CNN and MSNBC. This is the real Donald Trump, the Trump that many of have seen through the character assassination campaigns launched by globalist controlled outlets. This is the Donald Trump that will give me and you a real opportunity to regain control of our republic.

Trump will not be America’s sole salvation, but he will be the catalyst American’s need to realign their local and sate governments to fall back into the context of America’s constitutional constructs. To many Trump supporters believe he will somehow flip a switch once elected and everything will change. That is not the case, if you want the change Donald Trump is promising, you also need to be ready to work for it.

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