UFO Sightings In Ancient Art

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Some of the most spectacular UFO sightings can be found on the canvases of vintage paintings and in the etched stone of ancient man.

UFOs are not a modern phenomena that started in the 1960’s at a place called Area 51.  What most people don’t realize is that man has been recording UFOs in our sky’s for thousands of years. Evidence of these encounters can be found strewn throughout countless historical documents. They can be found in great oil paintings, ancient hieroglyphics, ornamental stone carving and even in religious texts like the bible. Researchers are using these records to better understand mankind and mankind’s influences throughout history.

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino Painting Showing A Man Peering Up Into The Sky At What Looks To Be An Alien Craft

ancient ufo sightings

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino By : Domenico Ghirlandaio (Man looking up at what looks to be a UFO in sky.)

This painting of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus was painted in the in the 15th century by the famous Italian artist Domenico Ghirlandaio. In the painting’s background is a man on a ledge looking up into the sky at what appears to be an alien craft. Common sense will tell you the object is not the sun, nor is it a comet, or meteorite. So what exactly is Domenico Ghirlandaio depicting in this painting?

This Mind Boggling 16th Century Fresco Shows Very Clearly Two Manned UFOs Above Christ During His Crucifixion

the crucifiction ufos

One Of The Clearest Depictions Of UFOs In Ancient Art Are These Two From This One Painting

This painting was found in the 1960’s by an art student in Yugoslavia. The 16th century Fresco which has become quite popular is probably the most famous depictions of UFOs in ancient art. The painting shows very clearly two UFOs in the sky above Jesus during his crucifixion. One is at the top right of the painting the other is at the top left. Are these UFOs a product of the artist imagination, or is there a more realistic explanation for them?

The Great Mayan Ruler Pakal Votan’s Tomb Cover, Crested With An Image Of Pakal In The Cockpit Of Rocket, Or Spaceship

Pakal Votan tomb

This tomb carving was completed in the 600’s for the great Mayan ruler Pakal Votan. If you look you will see the ruler sitting in what looks to be some kind of capsule. He is at the control of some sort of machine. Is this a depiction of the Mayan ruler controlling a space craft, or a UFO? If not a UFO the ruler is definitely operating something non native to Mayan  culture. That is agreed upon across the board!

The Baptism Of Christ Painting Showing An Illuminated Disk Focusing Four Beams Of Light Down Onto Baby Jesus

baptism of christ

The Baptism Of Christ Painted 1710 By Artist Aert de Gelder Depicting Ufo Illuminating Christ

There are countless paintings depicting UFOs throughout history. This painting by artist Aert de Gelder is one of the most evident of those paintings. It is clear in this painting that a flying disc is illuminating baby Jesus at his baptism.  Is the object in this painting a representation of a UFO under the control of a higher intelligence, or is it simply a symbolic representation of the artists imagination?

The UFOs Depicted On These French Jeton Coins Have Baffled Experts For Years

ufo french jeton

French Jetons From The 1600’s Depicting UFO’s And Suggestive Writings


The French Jeton is a token that was minted in France from the early 1600’s to the early 1800’s. Many of the early specimens depict images of what look to be like UFOs. The coin on the far right depicts a man looking up into the sky at an object that seems to be hovering above him. The UFOs on these coins have baffled and continue to baffle coin experts and UFO enthusiasts alike.

UFO Event In Nuremberg Germany, 1561 – An Artist Representation Of The UFO Event That Was Witnessed By 1000’s Of People

nuremberg germany ufo

1561 Artist Representation Of A UFO Event That Was Witnessed By 1000′ Of People.

What makes this piece of ancient art so special is not the art itself. It’s the fact that this is an artist’s representation of an event that took place in Nuremberg Germany on April 14, 1561. The event was witnessed by 1000’s of people which there is a clear historical record of. Nuremberg residents described the event as a massive aerial battle. The official report from the time described objects of various shapes including crosses, globes, lunar crescents, a black spear and tubular objects from which several smaller, round objects emerged and darted around the sky at dawn.

More on the Battle In The Skies Nuremberg more on nuremberg ufo battle, including a translation of the original writings above.

In The The Annunciation with Saint Emidius A UFO Is Pictured Hovering Above A City While Focusing A Beam On To St Emidius’s Head

The Annunciation with Saint Emidius

In this painting by Carlo Crivelli a UFO can be seen hovering above the city. The UFO is focusing a beam of light, or energy on to the head of St. Emidius. The painting itself was completed circa 1490. Again is this a depiction of the artist imagination, or something much more than that?

Ancient Figurines Found In Ecuador Resemble Modern Day Astronauts

ancient astronaut ecuador

These are just two of thousands of artifacts found at ancient sites throughout Ecuador that suggest man kind has been visited in the past. These specific figurines reside at a museum in the country.

The “Miracle Of Snow” Is A 15th Century Painting Depicting Jesus And Mary Leading An Armada Of UFOs

miracle of snow UFOS

In this amazingly freaky painting called “Miracle Of Snow,” Jesus and Mary are shown riding a solid “cloud” of snow with an armada of “clouds” following. This painting leaves room for a ton of speculation, but I tend to believe there is more going on here than a depiction of some very odd snow clouds. How could an artist represent people with such detail and then paint snow clouds like flying discs? What do you think?


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