2 Guys, In 2 Cities, Go Homeless For 24 Hours

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These Two Guys, In Two different Cities Attempt To Go Homeless For A Day.

To better understand someone else’s situation sometimes you have to slip into their shoes. That is exactly what these two guys did. The majority of us walk right by homeless people sleeping on benches, or panhandling every day, without giving a seconds notice. Most people never consider the fact that they could be just as homeless as any one of the millions of homeless people sleeping on American streets. Like being in a car wreck, no one ever plans on, or expects to be in an accident. It just happens and it happens fast!

24 hours is in no way enough time to document the struggles of being homeless and having no one, or no where to turn. Every homeless person has had to face their first 24 hours on the streets and the uncertainty and fear that came with it. That is the purpose of this video.

I challenge everyone who reads this post to go out of their way for someone in need. The next time you see a homeless person begging for some change, throw enough money in his cup to feed him for the day. Be human for once, you might just be blown away by how amazing it feels to give to someone who is really in need. I mean that to, there are to many a$$holes in this world! Break away from yourself and do something for your fellow man!

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