Donald Trump Drives A Steak Through The Heart Of America’s Most Heinous Political Demon, Hillary Clinton!

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Trump, Without Hesitation Drives A Steak Through The Rotten Heart Of Hillary Clinton!

Watching Donald Trump’s, Hillary Clinton focused speech was a relief! Finally her lies and misdeeds are being brought front and center for all Americans to see.

For those of us who have spent time researching Hillary Clinton past nothing that Trump said came as a surprise, but to those of you who have been kept in the dark his speech should have been an awakening!

What I find most powerful about this speech though is that this was not some reckless attack on Hillary Clinton by a political rival. This speech was a truth telling, an attempt to expose verified facts that have for the most part been kept from the American people.
Hillary Clinton has had issues from the very beginning with Whitewater, the real estate investment scandal that really should have ended her career. But somehow she escaped the jaws of liberty and justice and went on to become one of the most corrupt political icons in American history.

Hillary Clinton has been involved in 3 of the largest scandals in recent history. From Fast and Furious, to Benghazi, to her Email Scandal. The last of which may finally put an end to her career and completely dismiss her chances of becoming the first lady president of the United States.

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