How To Trip Your Face Off Without LSD, Shrooms, Or Other Drugs

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Good news foes and friends. Now you can trip your face off without all those exotic mind altering drugs. Street drugs can cause all kinds of trouble in your life that you could probably do without. Prison, brain damage and death are just a few of the well know side effects of doing street level drugs. Fortunately you don’t have to risk your life, or your well being to experience a good trip.

The trick to hallucinating without drugs is something called the Ganzfeld Effect.  The Ganzfled Effect is a phenomenon of perception resulting from perceptual deprivation. When the brain is starved of stimuli it begins to amplify neural noise to find missing signals. In a search for missing visual signals the brain begins to insert it’s own signals that result in hallucinations.

Getting your trip rolling by making a simple mask out of paper and some string.

Just make sure that all outside light is blocked out when the mask is on your face. You want to see nothing but white light when you open your eyes!

hullucinate without drugs

Lay back and throw on your headphones!

You can find white noise audio files on several websites. You can also find hours of uninterrupted white noise files on Youtube. If you own a pair of noise cancelling headphones this is the time to use them they will work better than ear buds.

hallucinations 2

It wont be long now, lay still and let the trip set in!

Lay as still as possible, you should start to see and hear things relatively fast. Buckle up and go for the ride!

hallucinate without drugs

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