This WWII Veteran Will Marry His War Time Sweetheart 72 Years After Split Up!

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“To be honest, I had always thought about Nora the whole time,” Vickerman said. “I was always wondering how Nora was.”

Roy Vickerman and Nora Jackson met at a young age in school and had a serious relationship right up until Roy got home from the war. Nora loved Roy and wanted to marry him, but the war took it’s toll on Roy. Roy loved Nora, but was he suffering from the trauma he had witnessed fighting the war. Roy in favor of being alone left Nora.

After all of these years, 72 to be exact Roy and Nora are getting back together and getting married. The two spent 7 decades apart from each other. Both had been married and both had children during their time separated. Roy says “To be honest, I had always thought about Nora the whole time. I was always wondering how Nora  was.”

roy and nora

How they were reunited was by fate. Roy one evening  phoned into Graham Torrington’s BBC radio show. After listening to Roy’s story the BBC show found Nora for Roy who was at first hesitant about contacting her.

“I didn’t want to intrude if Nora had a husband, but one day, I just thought, ‘No, I’ll just go get some flowers and tell them I’d like to ask how Nora is and that I’d like to apologize to her for what happened.”

When Nora came to the door she said “Oh, Roy I thought I would never see you again” the two embraced each other like young sweethearts for what seemed like hours. Roy and Nora plan to marry by mid summer of this year 2016.

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