This Unusually High Tidal Wave Jumps Guard Rails And Wipes Out Dozens Of Curious On Lookers!

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On most days the tidal surge along the Qiantang River in China stays withing the confines of it’s man made barriers, but today it decided to defy those barriers to get to dozens of on lookers!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that you always respect mother nature. You never underestimate her power, but for some reason people just don’t get it. At some point those people usually end up like these site seers who felt the need to get right up on this tidal surge. Ultimately, as you will see they will pay the price for their ignorance.

At first everything seems to being as planned, the tidal waters rise and back up into the river and everyone seems happy!

title wave

Then things start going bad. The tidal wave decides to jump the barrier and reverse it’s direction V-lining it for the crowd of happy on lookers

tidal wave

At this point most of the of the people watching know they are in trouble and begin scattering, while some attempt to hold their ground.

tidal wave


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