This Is What Happens When You Attach A Chainsaw To A Drone

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A Finnish Farmer and his friend build a killer drone by attaching a chainsaw to it’s gimbal. The massive drone with attached and functioning chainsaw destroys snowmen, trims trees and removes dangerous overhanging icicles.

The video which was uploaded on April 1st has some calling it a well orchestrated prank. Prank, yeah right! A Finnish website interviewed the creators of the Killer Drone who confirmed that the video is not fake. Here is that interview, translation complements of Google Translate.
Source – Finnish trio decided to try the limits of drone devices. The condition of the forest in the spirit of man, they drew the flying widgets chainsaw. Then a drone in the air, saw off the remote control and snowmen murder.

This is not an April Fool’s joke, the attached video to prove it.

What on earth such an idea was born, Miika Attic?

“This is a bit like a parody of what has been said about droneista. Recently there have been all kinds of dronevirityksist√§ and of what they are capable of everything. It is said that they are able to take a nice mail and such. I’ve been playing with them quite a long time and experience has shown that it is quite a distant dream. ”

The attic takes your videos and here is the video, he also made a chainsaw connections. The group also includes pro-drone Antti Kunnari cameraman and producer Henri Kiviniemi, which organizes tests.

Is not connect the current power saw the flying contraption not quite ridiculously dangerous?

“Good question. This is a yes, we know. It is actually essential to understand droneista. This size drone is a flying circular saw five horsepower without a chainsaw. All the power goes eight to rotate the propeller blades. ”

drone used in the video is the maximum reach. The majority of the droneista is intended to describe. They are much smaller and do not have the same risk as large devices.

“Ton-sized drones require experience indeed, need to know where and how to fly. need to have a lot of space. Hard to come up with more dangerous than a toy brought.

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