This Guy Was Fishing Near The Leaking Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant You Wont Believe What He Caught!

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Fishing the waters just off the coast of the leaking Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, fisherman Hirasaka Hiroshi hooked into a fish he would not soon forget!

Hirasaka Hiroshi was getting ready to pack it in for the day when something big nailed one of the lines he had out in the water. As Hirasaka Hiroshi fought the giant fish it slowly started to tire. After almost an hour of fighting he finally got the fish to the side of the boat. What he saw then shocked him! Hirasaka Hiroshi caught a giant mutant fish that resembled something out of a horror movie.

What Hirasaka Hiroshi had caught was a Wolf Fish, not uncommon in the waters he was fishing. What was uncommon was the size and mutated nature of the fish. Wolf Fish usually only grow to be 2′ to 3′ this fish was 6′ plus long and weighed 70 pounds, or so! The fish Hirasaka Hiroshi caught also featured mutations to it’s head and body which were most likely caused by high radiation levels in the the surrounding area.

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