Alternative Media Outfit, The Young Turks Assault Patriotic Reporter At RNC

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The Young Turks, Known For Specializing In Dishonest, Liberal Youtube Broadcasts Assault Patriotic Talk Show Host Alex Jones At The RNC In Cleveland!

The Young Turks who are known for dishonest, liberal based YouTube broadcasts attacked alternative media legend Alex Jones at the RNC in Cleveland last week. The attack which was nothing more than a set up to begin with was an attempt to defame Alex Jones and fame The Young Turks. Unfortunately for The Young Turds, I mean the Turks their plan unraveled. They ultimately shamed themselves in front of millions of both InfoWars and TYT viewers. It is impossible to know just how damaging the bold move will be to The Young Turks, but judging from the tens of thousands of comments we viewed concerning the scuffle it doesn’t look good for the already struggling YouTube based media disinformation operation.

the young turks attack alex jones

Soon after one of The Young Turks producers nagged Alex Jones to enter their set Cenk Uygur can be seen becoming very hostile. Soon after Alex Jones presented Cenk Uygur with a Bill Clinton rape Cenk took control of Alex Jones’s mic and began slandering Rodger Stone who was with Alex Jones.  The situation escalated from their to the point of Cenk Uygur becoming a violent maniac who looked as if he was going to start throwing punches. As Alex was trying to be as calm as possible one of  Cenk Uygur’s henchmen spit a mouth full of cheap whiskey into the face of Alex Jones.

We would not be surprised to see legal action against The Young Turks for the assault on Alex Jones. Spitting on someone is definitely a crime. What makes the situation serious though is the fact that no one knows if The Young Turd who spit in Alex Jones face had AIDs, HEP C, or any other communicable diseases. This is the reason why the law takes spitting on other people serious. We are hoping for the best and pray that Alex Jones of InfoWars did not contract any diseases from his attacker.

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