The FBI Can’t Crack An iPhone, But This Kid Can?

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It wasn’t more than a month, or so ago that the FBI was pushing Apple to provide them with a back door to a terrorist iPhone. I’m starting to think that was some sort of publicity stunt. I’m pretty the FBI has been capable of cracking these phones for quite some time now. Why they would come out and make a spectacle of it is beyond me. Something called common sense tells me if a teenager can bypass the lock screen of an iPhone with a few thumb slides then the FBI can sure as shizzlnit do the same!

This is a great little trick to keep in mind. It could be very useful to you in the event that you forget your password,  or pin. A great example, somehow my son changed the pin on his iPhone. Afterward he could not log into his phone. If I had this information then I could have saved myself a huge headache! If you’ve ever had to go through that nonsense you know what I’m talking about. It’s just a huge inconvenience!


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