This Teenage Pool Wizard’s Skills Makes Most Pool Sharks Look More Like Guppies

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Most 14 year old boys are into video games, bikes and playing baseball, but not Matthew “The Stinger” Webber!

Matthew has a love for one thing in particular, that is shooting pool. Instead of doing all those typical kid things, in his free time you can find him practicing trick shots on his parents pool table. Matthew is what some people would consider a prodigy, his skills on the pool table are jaw dropping. He is so good that at 14 years he is already sponsored by one company and being looked at by others.

At his present skill level Matthew could compete on a professional level and win and the crazy thing is, he gets better by the day. One of the most amazing things about “The Stinger” is that he completely self taught. He has no formal, or informal training on the table. In fact by the time he was 13 he already had taught himself over 200 amazing trick shots. It’s hard enough to take a trick shot that’s already been formulated and emulate that shot, it’s something entirely different to formulate your own trick shots and then pull them off with such precision it’s almost not human.

Check out these other killer Trick Shot videos by Matthew “The Stinger” Webber!

Stingers Trick Shots #2

Stingers Trick Shots #3

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Stingers Trick Shots #5

Want to see more? You can find more, up to date videos by The Stinger on his Instagram account.

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