This 16 Year Old Trump Supporter Schools Racist Black Lives Matters Robot In An Epic Debate

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Video footage shot outside of a Trump rally in Atlanta shows a 16 year old black teen resisting racist rhetoric being spewed by a black lives matters member.

The Black Lives Matters supporter in this video jumps all over a young black Trump supporter hoping he will submit to his rhetoric. As you might have expected the first thing out of this robot’s mouth is that Trump is “racist,” , but then follows up with one I have not heard from the liberal crowd yet. He says “he is against you, he wants to send you back to Africa.” Funny I don’t remember Trump ever saying anything like that!

He went on to call the teen a “a disgrace to America for being a young black man supporting a racist.” He then asked the teen how his parents feel about him holding a Trump sign, when the teen responded with “their Trump fans too” the black lives matters supporter attacked them, saying “they are a disgrace to America to.”  At this point the young man tries to respond to the nonsensical hate this Black Lives Matters minion is spewing, but this guy doesn’t have enough respect for himself, or his fellow human to allow him to do that. He just keeps on running his mouth, saying a whole lot of nothing. That’s the thing with these Liberal extremists, they want freedom of speech, they want the right to assemble and protest, but when it comes to respecting your rights they don’t exist.

One thing you will notice, which is really typical with BLM activists is that when they are challenged they quickly divert and move on to the next talking point. For instance BLM: “Trump is a racist”, Trump Supporter: “Can you explain why, or give me proof?”, BLM: “FU!!” In all of the videos that I have seen, not one of these people are capable of backing anything they claim about Trump.  It’s all a bunch of recycled vomit originally spewed by  media outlets like CNN that has no merit what so ever. Really just listen to the way this guy attacks this very well spoken teen. Then pay attention to how this young man and two other kids shut him down. Most teenagers with even the smallest bit of common sense know better than to believe the garbage they push.

Black Lives Matters May Be A Bunch Of Dumb Racists, But They Like The Klu Klux Klan Are A Vary Dangerous Hate Group!

The group, Black Liver Matter was founded by 3 extreme, militant feminists. Their ideology and hero comes from a convicted cop killer on the run and living in Cuba, Assata Shakur. The group regularly calls for violence against law enforcement and white people. They have even gone as far as coaching potential actors within their group. There is little doubt that the black lives matter organization is no more respectable than La Raza, or the Klu Klux Klan. Which is why I find it absolutely repulsive that our President has met with the groups leaders several times to discuss the growth and activities of the group. Would America not be enraged to find out one of the Bushes had met with White National Socialist party? Than why would we not be completely outraged over Obama’s actions?

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