Jeep Grand Cherokee Goes From Sweet To Sinister In Seconds

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This Jeep Eats Sports Cars And Craps Cheap Chinese Steel!

Looking at this jeep it looks perfectly normal, however it is far from normal. This jeep can go from sweet to sinister in just the blink of an eye. Wheelies are not a problem at all. As a matter of fact this is one of the world’s fastest jeep grand cherokee’s if not the fastest. On the quarter mile it can do 10.489 seconds at 128.85 miles per hour. It is safe to say this isn’t your daddy’s jeep. Or maybe it is who knows. Another nice thing about this jeep is that for the most part it does look stock. Although it does not sound stock. You might get away with using as a daily driver if you are lucky and can keep your foot off the gas. After all with great power comes great responsibility. A down fall to this monster jeep is that it is a tank it is simply just to heavy. Performance parts are not everything if your car is 4,500 pounds. Weight reduction could really help you there if you like your car but do not like the weight. In this jeep’s case i think they thought ahead though sense this is a drag car.

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