Earth Just Dodged A Kill Shot From The Sun!

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Today the earth came just hours away from getting nailed by one of the largest X-class sun flares ever recorded!

CNN, FOX News and MSNBC were so busy spreading lies about Trump and pushing racial division. They forgot to inform you that life as you know it came just hours away from ending abruptly!

Just hours before the largest X-Class flare was ejected from a sun spot at super-sonic speeds the earth was in direct alignment with it. Scientists say the super-sized flare was the largest ever recorded with modern scientific equipment. If the earth would have taken a direct hit from the flare it would have sent us back into the stone-age in a matter of seconds. Every electronic device not properly insulated would have been fried to a crisp and rendered useless. That includes 99% of the US power grid!

Scientists have been warning us for years that a flare type event coming from the sun is only a matter of time. Despite the warnings federal and local governments have looked on, ignoring the very real threat. The problem is the sun is on a daily basis firing small solar flares in earth’s direction. Making the chances of earth being slammed by an X-Class killer flare much higher than other natural disasters.

Even more alarming yet is the fact that the earth has dodged several X-Class flares within the last few years. The NY Post reported that earth had just been missed by a crippling solar flare just 2 years ago. Then in March of 1989 Canada was slammed by a solar flare that took down an entire power grid.

But to get a real appreciation of the threat that these flares pose to earth we have to go back to 1859, what is now referred to as the Carrington Event. The largest solar flare to ever impact the earth in recorded history. The event lit the sky up like a light bulb and fried telegraph lines to a crisp. Luckily people were not dependent on electricity in the mid 1800’s, as we are now. If the same flare were to hit earth today world-wide chaos would erupt! Power grids would fry, nuclear power plants would shut down causing world-wide melt downs and society would ultimately dissolve. It would be a disaster of unimaginable proportions!

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