Soccer Coach Busted For Secret Life As Cocaine Kingpin

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No one would have ever guessed this high school soccer coach and pizza franchise owner was leading a secret life as a cocaine kingpin!

As it turns out that was exactly what Carlos Mandoza coach of two high school soccer teams was doing in his spare time. He and 5 other men were  distributing hundreds of grams of cocaine throughout several counties in Southern Pennsylvania. Mendoza was using his pizza joint, M&J Pizza as a cover for the operation and may have never been caught if it wasn’t for those meddling kids! As it turns out one of Mendoza’s dealers was a high school student at a school he was coaching soccer at. Police had caught and flipped the high school dealer, using him as an informant to take down Mendoza and his cocaine dealing compadres!

cocaine dealing soccer coach

The Grand Jury report reads like a drug dealers play book. It’s a step by step account of every deal made inside the multi-county cocaine ring. Included are several SnapChat and text conversations provided by their informant.

Mendoza is now behind bars on $150,000 bail, pending several charges ranging from the manufacturing of illegal drugs (crack cocaine), trafficing and corruption. Pennsylvania does practice mandatory minimum sentencing. If found guilty and I’m sure he will be! Guidelines are a minimum of 4 years for the first cocaine possession offense of 100 grams, or more. The other charges Mendoza faces also carry heavy penalties. It’s likely this cocaine cowboy won’t be free for a long, long time.

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