Snake Attacks Man’s Genitals While On Toilet Trying To Poo

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A Thia man is recovering after a large snake slithered up through his toilet and attacked his genitals!

You really couldn’t make this stuff up! A man in Thailand is being treated at a hospital after a large python latched on to his genitals whiling he was dropping a load on a squat toilet.
snake bites mans penis
A 10 foot long Python somehow got into the sewage system and worked it’s way up through the plumbing and into this unlucky man’s bathroom. Very, very unlucky man’s bathroom. The man said that snake latched onto his genitals and fought him viciously for nearly 30 minutes. After the long battle the man finally freed himself from the snakes death grip. The snake’s razor sharp teeth cut the man’s genitals so badly that they had to been sown back together at the hospital.
snake bites mans penis on toilet 2

The snake, after attacking this poor man’s special spot, became lodged in his toilet. Rescuers, who were almost as worried about the snake, had to completely tear the toilet down and then break it apart with a hammer to free the snake.

snake bites mans penis

That had to be one heck of a job! Could you imagine having to tear a toilet down and break into pieces after it was just partially crapped in and covered with the blood of this poor man’s genitals? Definitely not a job for the faint of heart, but someone had to save the snake! And that they did, the massive snake was rescued and then released into the wild where it will hopefully stay!

snake bites mans penis on toilet 4

I think it’s safe to say, this poor guy is scared for life, in more than one way! I wouldn’t doubt if this guy quits using a toilet all together and starts doing his business in paper bags. And I wouldn’t blame him, not one bit!

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