Slippin, Slidin And Low Ridin

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4 Minutes of The Best Drivers Getting Sideways

This four minute compilation is nothing but the best drift clips. Some of the clips are on a closed track and others are on the road. Drift racing is probably on of the most impressive forms of racing. It is no longer just man and machine. The driver must form a bond or get comfortable with his car. Feeling the road and adapting to it. But in drifting you are supposed to let the car loose. This means when you drift the car you have to let the wheel spin freely but maintaining control of your car at the same and try not to leave the drift, stall the car or spin out.There are many skills you need to learn one of the musts to drifting is clutch kicking. Clutch kicking is what you do when the car starts to fall in RPM’s, when you clutch kick it disengages the drive line. it is the same principle of shifting you need to push in the clutch to change gears. However all you need to do is push the clutch in not change a gear. By disengaging the drive line you are allowing the RPM’s to climb so when you release the clutch you maintain power and speed through the drift. After this video do not try anything of what you see at home.

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