Six Front End Loaders Battle On The Streets Of China!

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I Don’t Know What It Is About Those Crazy Chinese People! They Seem To Do The Craziest Stuff. It Must Be Some Sort Of Genetic Thing!

Ive never seen anything like this! Two groups of people with front end loaders battle it out in the streets. Apparently there was some kind of beef over a contract or something. Whatever the problem was it was apparently serious enough to throw down in the middle of a crowded street with a million dollars worth of heavy machinery. Not to mention they were also surrounded by people, you’ll notice them darting around as the loaders start to battle!

I guess living like a peasant and working for slave wages causes allot of inner emotional grief. That grief seems to surfaces as crazy acts of violence in China. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I’d be willing to bet you might act out to if you were living under the same conditions.


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