Shocked Passenger Takes This Photo Of Rocket Soaring Past His Plane Window!

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This wasn’t Ryan Kennedy’s first North-South, cross country flight. In fact Kennedy is a regular cross country traveler. So when he boarded the flight he settled into for the long, boring ride.

After struggling for some time to fall asleep, he was woke by the chatter of other passengers. They seemed to be in a panic. He then heard the pilot come over the intercom. The pilot urged all passengers to look out of the windows on the left hand side of the plane. By the time he was able to comprehend what was going on the rocket had already been launched. Blasting through the atmosphere just miles away from their Southwest Airlines flight. Despite missing the rocket’s launch he was still able to snap a photograph of this once in a lifetime sight.

Kennedy said that he had witnessed other launches before, including the scrubbed ULA launch. But he had never witnessed a launch with such a grande view. The rocket was a famed Atlas V rocket, carrying a Navy satellite into earths orbit.

rocket launch witnessed from plane

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