In Russia You Don’t Go To A Water Park, The Water Park Goes To You

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Russian Rednecks Beat the Heat In A Bulldozer

Are you bored, and you just don’t know what to do. Well if you have a few thousand dollars laying around you could just rent a excavator. Then you could just dig an over-sized hole and fill it with water. Just like these guys did a very dangerous but fun idea to cool off and pass time with your friends.

Although it is cheaper and easier to just go to a water park. Whats the fun in that ,it is just to easy. I guess they just did it the Russian way. As fun as it is you still should be careful i mean a machine that weighs a couple tons is swinging you around and slamming you into the water. A few things could go wrong, like the machine falling into the water hole possibly trapping the operator or the people in the bucket underwater and drowning them. They could also fall out of the bucket and get knocked unconscious and fall into the water and also possibly drown. It is also just expensive to do in general and not every one has enough to rent and or buy a excavator. But i guess its whatever floats your boat and helps you have fun or get rid of boredom.

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