River Monsters, Jeremy Wade Catches More Than A Monster Fish, You Won’t Believe What Happens

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Call it fate, call it anything you want, but the crew of River Monsters just completely made this guy’s day!

In weather conditions surpassing 100*F the human body has absolutely no chance without a source of fresh water. This guy who had been drifting in the ocean without water for almost two was right on the cusp of submitting to heat exhaustion and dehydration. Chances are he would have become fish bait if the crew had not found him when they did.

Luckily this guy escaped without harm. He was rehydrated and then taken to the nearest medical facility for treatment. He was lucky thousands of people die every year around the would cause of dehydration and heat exhaustion.


Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Dehydration For You To Chew On!

  1. It’s estimated that more than 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated! That’s because most people drink garbage like soda, alcohol and coffee and not enough water. It is recommended that you drink plenty of clean water daily to prevent chronic dehydration. Just a reminder though, clean water is not something that comes out of most taps. Tap water is polluted with harmful chemicals like fluoride in most cases. The government in 2015 has finally admitted that fluoride is harmful for human consumption and did suggest companies start taking it out of the water supplies. Unfortunately that hasn’t really happened as of yet.
  2. One of the single biggest killers of children in the modern world is dehydration! It usually occurs when a child gets sick. When a child is sick and has diarrhea and vomiting he, or she becomes dehydrated very quickly, so quickly in fact that in most cases the child never really has a chance. The only hope a child in this situation has are smart parents and if you are a parent yourself you know how rare those can be!
  3. You’ll know dehydration is about to take your life when thees symptoms set in. Your blood pressure drops, you begin fainting, you start bloating, you begin convulsing, your eyes dry up, you cant spit to save your life (literally), and finally your muscles cramp up so bad you can barely move. If you begin to notice these symptoms you better start praying for rain, or repentance!




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