New Reparations Website, Blacks Request Everything From Groceries To Video Games, Whites Pay Up To Relieve Guilt!

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Self-Hating Whites Massage, Cook Dinner, Pay Rent And Even Allow Themselves To Be Verbally Abused By Black People.

Natasha Marin, a Seattle based artist launched a new website that will allow white people to atone for slave ownership in the United States that happened more than 150 years ago!

Black people post their needs on her website which can be anything from paying rent, to needing someone to mentally abuse. Self-loathing white people are then able to browse through those listings to find requests which they can deliver on, so that they can relieve themselves of the guilt. Or if you’re white you can also offer services to oppressed black people by placing an offering on the site.

Numerous white people, convinced they owe the black community for something they had nothing to do with have already provided numerous goods and services on the site. Some of those include the free use of a car, house cleaning, massages and cash.

One person demanded; “I want my project fully funded or at least my phone paid for from here till December so I can stay in Boriken writing about Amerikkkan colonialism.”

reparations site

Another black man makes this request on; “I’m requesting music studio space time to work out an album entitled, White Boys, to vent out my frustrations on, well, white boys. I am to poor to own, or rent a space right now. I do all of my recording in my room and it’s often to loud for my family.”


I know what your thinking, and no this is not a joke! Despite the fact that the level of ignorance involved in this entire social experiment is completely hilarious!

Marin says the website is a way for white people to “extricate themselves from the guilt they are mired in” but that it is in “no way a pardon for years of systemic abuse.”

She also asserts that the narrow scaled fight for government-sanctioned reparations program is “legitimate” and that whites should continue catering to blacks outside of the confines of Facebook and her website.

What Marin conveniently does, is she ignores the facts surrounding black and white relations throughout history. She ignores the fact that less than 1.5% of white Americans owned slaves in the US and that more than 300,000 white people died freeing slaves in America. She also fails to mention that it was White Christians who ultimately stepped in and put an end to slavery in America. So I am left confused as to how Natasha Marin believes more than 250,000,000 white Americans should perform slave like duties for her and her disillusioned followers.

When will enough be enough for Marin and other life-minded individuals. If the government paid reparations to anyone who could without doubt be connected to the slave trade where would it end? If the government cut each and every one of these people a check for $20,000 where would we be once that money was spent? Ill tell you where we would be, back to square one!






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