Rare, But Terrifying Look At Full Blown Rabies In A Human Subject

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This Unfortunate Man Has Been Diagnosed With Rabies And Will Suffer An Unimaginable Horror!

Even with today’s advanced medical treatments, there are no effective treatments for the rabies virus. We do have rabies vaccines, that work only if the virus is caught before a person becomes symptomatic. Once a person begins to show symptoms of rabies it is to late for vaccines. In humans there has been only 10 reported cases of survival. This man was not one of those 10 lucky people. In fact he will suffer an unimaginable ordeal that will eventually lead to his death.

This Man’s Nightmare Began With An Attack By A Rabid Wolf, Where He Was Bitten In The Face!

He was bitten by a wild wolf with rabies and didn’t begin to show signs of the virus until weeks later. Several other people in the same community were also attacked by the same wolf who was in the furious stage of it’s rabies infection. All of those men sadly suffered the same terrifying ordeals.

human rabies by wolf

Within Days After Showing Symptoms Of Rabies This Man’s Decent Into Madness Escalated Quickly!

Still in the first stages of the infection the man is experiencing flu like symptoms, which include fever, muscle weakness and tingling of the arms and legs. Unfortunately for this man these symptoms are nothing compared to the absolute horror he will experience in the coming days.

human rabies


He Is Now Starting To Experience A More Severe Onset Of Symptoms Caused By The Rabies He Contracted.

In the 2nd stages of rabies this man’s symptoms become much worse. He is now completely disorientated and is also experiencing hydrophobia, which prevents him from drinking any fluids. He is also unable to eat because of painful muscle contractions in his throat and neck. As you will see anything that this man tries to put down comes right back up.

man with rabies

The infection continues to progress causing symptoms that can only be described as horrifying. This man is so out of it now that he is completely delirious. He is also unable to swallow his own saliva, causing severe foaming of the mouth. Being unable to swallow causes the symptom that people most commonly relate to the infection, foaming at the mouth.

rabies foaming mouth

Another Common Symptom Of Rabies Is Aggression, So From Here On Out This Man Will Be Strapped To His Hospital Bed.

Not all rabies victims become aggressive, but to protect this man and his caretakers he will now be strapped to his bed. Once he reaches the paralytic stage of rabies the restraints will be removed.



In The Last Hours Of This Man’s Struggle With Rabies He Has Become Paralytic And Completely Incapacitated.

This man has slipped into the final stages of this rabies infection and also the final hours of his life. At this point he is completely unable to function. He is by all means paralyzed and completely incapacitated. Within a very short period of time he will continue his decent into a coma where his body will succumb to the rabies infection and die.

rabies paralytic state

Rabies can be transmitted by just about any animal, dogs and bats being the most common. If you are ever bitten by any animal seek medical treatment immediately! As you will see in the video complementing this article, rabies is nothing to mess around with. Remember, there are no treatments for rabies once you become symptomatic, if infected you will suffer the same horrific death that this unfortunate man has suffered. For more information on rabies, visit the CDC website.

Complete Record Of This Man’s Rabies Nightmare…

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