Portable Self Sustainable Living On A Small Scale

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The Ecocapsule is a glimpse into the future of self-sustaining eco friendly living

The Ecocapsule is an amazing little egg shaped home that is portable and completely self-sustaining! It is the only home on the market today that allows anyone to truck off into the sunset and live completely off the grid.


The Ecocapsule measures 4.46 x 2.25 x 2.60 m (14 x 7.3 x 8.5 ft) and features 6.3 sq m (67.8 sq ft) of usable floor space. How could something as small as the Ecocapsule possibly provide 100% green, 100% sustainable off grid living?  That was my first thought, but as I started looking into it I began to realize that every inch of the Ecocapsule serves some purpose.


The Ecocapsule surprisingly literally features everything you will need to live comfortably anywhere. A grid of solar panels and a windmill are built into the home and will generate enough electricity to live comfortably. It also features two different water storage and filtering reservoirs for a constant stream of clean, potable water. A bathroom complete with sink and toilet provide luxuries not normally found in an off grid living space.


A modular living area provide two possible bedding areas, a table and desk as well as ample storage. The Ecocapsule also features a stove top, a refrigerator and a sink for prepping and cooking meals. At the time of me writing this these homes were still in development. Please visit Ecocapsule’s website for release and sales details.




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