Political Correctness Is Going To Kill You, Special Forces & UFC Champ Speaks RAW Truth.

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Truth and political correctness cannot coexist, you either have what is true and right, or you have what’s socially acceptable.

Simply put, political correctness is going to kill you! He uses Paris France as an example of what political correctness does to great societies. “Paris was one of the most beautiful, diverse cities in the world. They had art, music and culture, the people there were also very tolerant and accepting. They welcomed migrants in with open arms and while their arms have been open, they have been taken advantage of”.

He goes on to say; “Europe might be lost because of tolerance.” and that, “tolerance and political correctness go hand in hand , they are two diseases, their like a virus. Once it’s caught you want to stay with it, but slowly it’s eroding and killing you, your going to die!”

When you look at the situation in Europe and begin to expand your understanding of that situation beyond what the lying, persuasive main stream media channels feed you, you begin to understand that Tim Kennedy is right on target. You don’t even really have to look at Europe, just look at America where an Orlando man was allowed to murder more than 50 people, not because of the 2nd amendment, but because of political correctness. People around the shooter, like the San Bernardino shooter new something was not right with this guy, but did and said nothing out of fear of being labeled racists. For god sake’s The FBI interviewed this guy 3 times and did nothing because of political correctness!

The most important point that Tim Kennedy makes in this interview is this,  “the truth and political correctness cannot coexist! You either have the truth and what’s right, or you have what’s socially acceptable, those two elements are exclusive, they can’t live together.”

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