Top 5 – Northern Pike Vs. Fuzzy Little Ducks

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Being a fisherman myself Ive always wondered if Northern Pike do indeed attack and eat ducklings. I’ve heard allot of stories over the years, but it wasn’t until this great thing called social media came along that my curiosities were answered.

Come to find out Northern Pike eat ducklings quite often. Ducklings are, well sitting ducks for large opportunistic feeders like Northern Pike and even the Muskellunge. There are even reports of large Northern Pike taking out small beavers, muskrats and an occasional foot dangling in the water trying to cool off.

northern pike

Large Northern Pike With A Mouth Full Of Extremely Sharp Teeth!

If your not familiar with the Northern Pike let me get you up to speed! Northern Pike and their closely related cousins the Muskellunge are the monsters of fresh water. They grow to be several feet long and have large mouths filled with razor sharp teeth. These monsters can be found in fresh water lakes and rivers across America and even into parts of Europe. Record sized Pike and Muskellunge are 50+ inches and weigh in at 60, or more pounds.  Although the Muskellunge is generally larger it is by far more mild tempered than the Northern Pike which can be extremely aggressive.

Want to try catching a Northern Pike for yourself? If so your in luck Northern Pike are a common fish throughout the States, Canada and even into parts of Europe.

Compared to their cousins, the Muskellunge Northern Pike are easy to catch. Before you go getting to excited your going to need to have the rite gear. Your grandfathers bamboo pan fish rod isn’t going to cut it! Heavy tackle and specialized braided fishing line is a must. Your also going to need to go big on the bait. Although big fish will go after smaller baits, the general rule of thumb is, “big fish, big bait.” After you have amassed all of your fishing gear your going to have to find a honey hole to get it wet in. Hint – bait and tackle shops are the water coolers of the fishing world.


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