Mystery Builders Of Pennsylvania’s Lady Liberty Revealed

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Standing Gloriously In A Pennsylvania River This Replica Of Lady Liberty Has Remained A Complete Mystery For Decades.

One morning more than 25 years ago a statue mysteriously appeared standing on an old railroad pilling in the middle of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA.  The statue was a replica of America’s most endeared symbol, Lady Liberty.

The statue was an instant hit with locals and even became a popular stop for travelers through the area. As popular as the statue had become it still remained a complete mystery, that was until a local Gene Stlip came forward 25 years later to tell his story. When asked why he had kept it a secret he said, “that was part of the fun of it.”

Stlip who is a local Dauphin Co. attorney crafted the statue in his garage in honor of the original Lady Liberty and her 100th birthday. Made from plywood and window blinds Stlip built the statue light and as wind resistant as possible. Once the statue was completed he recruited a few of his buddies to place the statue perfectly on the old river crossing. One of the men remembers warning Stlip against it because of the dangers involved in navigating that part of the river. The area that the statue was to be placed was the most dangerous section of the Susquehanna river in the County.

The original statue stood proudly on that pilling for years, until one fateful day when she was blown from her majestic stoop. By that time the local residents of the community had grow so accustom to their towns statue that plans were put into place to have her replaced. The town put together $25,000 in 1992 to have a replacement statue made and put into the originals place on the river. That statue still stands today overlooking one of the most majestic and beautiful rivers in America.

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