Parents Concerned After Teacher Says “Fuck The Police” At Union Rally

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This video, which is going viral has American parents concerned about what teachers are teaching their children. The teacher in this video is a Chicago grade school teacher who teaches a class of 13 year old students.

In her speech she openly supports the hate group Black Lives Matters and goes on to incite violence and disorder in the streets. She finalizes her speech by saying “Fuck The Police, Fuck The Police And Everybody Fuck With Them!”

I would say that parents have a right to be concerned. I fear this lady is not the only teacher in America today pushing hate on innocent school children. The only way to prevent your child from being molested by a pig like this is to become involved with their education. Meet up their teachers and get to know the people influencing your children. The most important step you can take as a parent¬† is making your children aware of the hate and influencing them to see beyond it. It’s no different than teaching your kids about the dangers of drugs.

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