Meet Oscar, The Living Breathing Modular Human!

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Ready to be completely freaked out? Meet Oscar he is the world’s first living, breathing human modular prototype. For what it’s worth Osacar is a programmable conglomerate of meat, stem cells and 3D printed bone. Oscar has a brain which is basically a miniature super computer from which all of his components can be assembled and disassembled like a gooey Erector set.

Building & Assembling Oscar’s Limb Component

The building of Oscar’s limb module. Here various tissue types are assembled. Then the vein structure is mapped out followed by the networking of low voltage nerves and muscle groups that are used to control the limb.

Testing The Nerve Processes In Oscar’s Limbs

Testing Oscar’s nerve processes in motion experiments. At this point Oscar’s limbs are fully functional and capable of working independently as well as together to complete tasks. Watch the muscles tense up and then relax as pulses of electricity are directed into the limb’s nerve system.

Slow Motion Analysis Of Oscar’s In Motion

High speed recordings of Oscar are used by scientists to help program and refine Oscar’s movements. They help them program Oscar as efficiently as possible. The more efficient Oscar moves the less energy Oscar uses.

If this wasn’t enough to freak you out completely you can learn more about Oscar at the foundations website, The Modular Body project.

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