Most People Would Have Ignored The Screeching Of A Bird In Distress, Not This Guy, But Can He Save The Life Of This Entangled Owl?

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Most people would have ignored the screeching of a bird in distress, but not this guy. The angler investigates to find that a beautiful little Screech owl has become tangled in another angler’s discarded fishing line. He found the owl completely entrapped and swinging from the limb of a tree. The owl flopping around for his life was making his situation worse by the second.

The owl was found so entangled that he was swinging from a tree limb back and forth like a pendulum on a grandfather clock.

The angler being quick on his feet grabbed a pair of clippers from his fishing bag and began cutting the tangled line from the owl’s wings. At one point it seemed like the owl gave up fighting and passed in the angler’s hands. But within seconds of clipping the last bits of fishing line from his feathers it came back to life. Like a guardian angel he watched over the owl to make sure he was fit to fly. It stumbled a few times, but with one last burst of energy took to the air flew gracefully across the lake.

If it wasnt for the anglers quick thinking and good will there would be one less Screech Owl flying around the state of New Jersey!

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