These Scared Residents Thought Their Town Was Under Military Attack

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Residents of Beech Grove, Indiana were rocked from their beds a few nights ago by earth shaking explosions and low flying Blackhawk helicopters.

The town’s 911 call center was overrun with calls from confused and panicked residents who were reporting explosions, gun fire and the roaring sounds of low flying helicopters. The shocked residents found no resolve in the call center who was also in the dark, as to what was taking place in their small town.

Under the cover of dark and secrecy the United States Military had launched a simulated drill on an abandoned state hospital in the town. Without even so much as a mention to local authorities. A scene that is becoming common place throughout the United States! Many of the towns residents were furious and rightly so. Many who say they would have expected a least a knock at the door, a curtious heads up. Many of the towns residents took to Twitter to express their frustrations and fears over the military drill.

One scared resident who was startled out of bed by the explosions and helicopter noise Tweeted, “Did we go to war and no one mention it?”.

“Beech Grove was just #underfreakingattack,” tweeted another.

Yet another resident claimed his sister, “saw a helicopter shoot down another helicopter”.

Jaded bystanders to these drills accept what the Military is doing as necessary for national security, while the common sense crowd can plainly see the government’s attempt to normalize the military’s occupation of the United States. One thing is for sure, unless something changes drastically this latest invasion of US Forces in a US town will not be the last!

This Is Not The First Time The United States Military Has Terrorized American Citizens, On American Soil!

These Are 5 Other Military Exercises, That Shook 5 Other American Towns.


2012 St Louis, U.S. Army Tanks Invade Suburb.

The U.S. Army rolled into a St. Louis suburb in fully dressed military tanks. The sight of fully equipped U.S. Military tanks patrolling their otherwise quite suburb frightened residents. Most residents thought their country was under siege, or that martial law had been invoked by their government. A local news channel after receiving dozens of calls air a report that praised the troops, referring to them as valuable crime fighting tools, similar to what other countries use.


2014 Fort Lauderdale Fl. Navy Seals Storm University From Blackhawk Helicopters

March of 2014 was the day the Department of Defense launched a military training drill in Fort Lauderdale Fl. The exercise shocked many of the towns people who though war was at their doorsteps. During the drill Navy Seals dropped out of Black Hawk helicopters stormed a university building. This was an ongoing training exercise that lasted more than 2 weeks.


2014 Dallas Texas, Black Hawk Helicopters Buzzed Downtown Dallas

Hundreds of calls poured into 911 centers by sacred residents who had known nothing about the drill being executed by the U.S. Special Operations Forces. Black Hawk helicopters buzzed the tops of buildings down town, lightless in a drill that was supposed to “allow troops to get a feel for realistic urban combat zones.” Needless to say Dallas residents were not happy to find out their Country’s military was responsible for the reckless training exercise.


2014 In Cincinnati, Swarm Of Low Flying Black Hawks Threaten Residents

Similar to the military training exercise that took place in Dallas Texas earlier that year. Frightened residents reacted to a swarm of extremely low flying Black Hawk helicopters buzzing the roofs of their homes, with absolutely no lights. One resident said it was like something out of a war zone.


2015 Fort Lauderdale Fl, Military And Law Enforcement Launch Frightening Drill

In perhaps one of the most disturbing military exercises ever witnessed on American soil, military and law enforcement joined forces to practice the internment of citizens. Armed Special Forces along with local law enforcement capture and arrest people on the streets, before a line of prisoners is marched to a mock prison camp. Throughout the operation Black Hawk helicopters were buzzing the rooftops of building.

The 2015 Fort Lauderdale Military Siege

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