Buyer Beware: Meat Glue Steak, So Real A Trained Chef Can’t Tell The Difference

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Crooked Butchers Are Using Meat Glue To Make Fake Steaks So Real Professional Chefs Can’t Tell The Difference!

The same disgusting meat glue that Mcdonalds uses to hold their meat byproduct hamburgers together is being used to make fake steaks, so real that spotting one is next to impossible.

Crooked butchers and deceptive restaurant owners are using powdered enzymes called transglutaminase, otherwise known as meat glue, to seamlessly bind discarded scraps of beef into fake, high end cuts of steaks. The product looks so real that even professional chefs can’t tell the difference.

Meat glue is not glue in the sense that you may be thinking, it’s not a product, or a chemical that actually glues meat together. The enzymes in meat glue are a bi-product of animal blood, which usually comes from cows. Those enzymes¬† actually break the meat scraps down, which allows them to basically meld into one another forming one solid piece of meat.

Even after being cooked, a meat glued steak is next to impossible to distinguish from a real steak. In fact some fooled consumers have said that meat glue steaks actually taste better. As mentioned above, the enzymes working in the meat glue steak break the meat down making the end product almost melt in your mouth.

Fake steak is far from better than the real thing though, despite what some conned consumers have reported. If a business is low enough to sell you scraps of meat as prime cuts of steak the chances of that business caring about your health is very slim. Meaning the chances of you contracting food poisoning, or E.coli from a meat glued steak is hundreds of times higher than from the real deal.

Meat glue has many other uses in the food industry since it has been approved by the FDA for human consumption. For instance Mcdonalds and several other fast food restaurants use meat glue to hold their meat products together. These businesses use it in everything from hamburgers, to chicken nuggets.

Some countries have banned the use of meat glue in consumable products, America is not one of those countries surprisingly.

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