Mandela Effect, Changing Everything You Thought You Knew About Everything!

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The Mandela Effect – Are Millions Of People Simply Remembering Things Wrong, Or Is Something More Nefarious Going On ?

Something strange is happening around the globe. Thousands of people are coming forward with odd claims of discrepancies in their reality. Many of the details they remember so clearly of people, places and things are completely different from what they were. The phenomena is known as the Mandela Effect.

When most people first learn of the Mandela Effect they brush it off as bad memory, or conspiracy theory. But in most cases if the person looks deep enough they to begin to question the reality they know to be true!

There are many different theories as to what is causing the Mandela Effect, none of which can be confirmed. Most people believe that Cern is responsible and for good reason! Some of the world’s smartest minds have been warning against Cern’s potential threat to the time space continuum for years, like Steven Hawking. But with all those warnings put aside a leading Cern scientist released a photo that some say is solid proof of the projects involvement in the reality shift known as the Mandela Effect. This is that photograph.

mandela effect

The Cern scientist is holding one sign in this photo that says “we are happy @ Cern,” while there are two additional signs strung around his neck. The first sign says “Bond 1,” the second says “Mandela.” If you do the research you will find that the first actor to portray James Bond on film was Barry Nelson. So some suggest the two signs are supposed to symbolize “Nelson Mandela.” Why is this important? The Mandela Effect was named after Nelson Mandela when thousands of people came forward after his death in 2015 claiming they remembered Nelson Mandela passing away years earlier.

I’m not going to delve to much into the how, what and why of the Mandela Effect phenomena. What I really want to show you are examples of the Mandela Effect. The truth is no one really knows what it is going on, or what is causing the sudden mass of people coming forward claiming their reality has been changed.

The Berenstein, Or Berenstain Bears Book That Most Of Us Grew Up With.

Most of you will remember The Berenstein  Bears, or The Berenstain Bears? Because I personally remember The Berenstein Bears and so do thousands upon thousands of other people. But every physical reference in existence right now shows the correct spelling of this popular children’s book as Berenstain. So how did that happen? Why do the majority of people who would have read these books pre-1995 remember The Berenstein Bears?

berenstain bears

Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back, “Luke I Am Your Father”, Or Not?

Quite possible one of the most popular movie lines of all time is no more! For months after the movie Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back was released in the early 80’s every kid in my school was using the line “Luke, I am your father.” The crazy thing is it doesn’t exist anymore! Watch the movie again and see for yourself. What makes this example of the Mandela Effect so bizarre is that even the actor who played Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back remembers the scene as “Luke I am your father!” So how could millions of people be wrong, including the actor who played the part? This is the post Mandela Effect scene, if you’ve seen this movie in the past you will instantly pick up on the deviation.

Forrest Gump, Life Is Like, Or Was Like A Box Of Chocolates!

If you’ve watched the movie Forrest Gump in the past you probably remember the park bench scene with the chocolates. The scene where Forrest says “life is like a box of chocolates, you never no what you’re going to get.”  Remember that? If so you are not be alone. That’s the way thousands and thousands of people remember it. Though all available versions of the movie today show something different. In that scene he says, “life was like a box chocolates.” Luckily there is at least one know surviving copy of the original movie which does in fact show the scene as “life is like a box of chocolates.” Below is a video clip which shows both the original scene and the scene that is available to us now.

The Coca-Cola Logo Is Different, Missing The Swish!

Now imagine the Coca-Cola logo you used to know. The logo that I remember had Coca and Cola separated by a nice little swish, but it’s not like that anymore. Take a look, now Coca and Cola are separated by a dot toward the top of the lettering. You and me are not the only ones either, thousands remember the swish, but where did it go. I’ve looked at Coca-Cola logos going back years and it’s as if someone went back in time and change the logo. That’s impossible though, right?

mandela coca-cola

Is This The Ford Logo You Know?

The Ford logo is another well know example of Mandela Effect, in fact it is probably the most recognized. Millions of people are familiar with the symbol, but most remember it looking a little bit different from it does now. Take a look, notice the strange loop in the F? I know people who have been Ford enthusiasts for years, I’m talking collectors, mechanics and none of them remember the Ford logo looking the way it does now! The freaky thing is, there is absolutely no evidence of it ever being any other way. So why do so many people remember that curly Q not being in the F? Very strange indeed!

ford logo

Yoo-Hoo The Chocolate Drink, Whats Up The Dot?

Some of you will remember drinking YooHoo as kid. Personally it was one of my favorite drinks. When my friends were drinking Pepsi, or Coca-Cola I was drinking Yoohoo. I don’t remember the dot separating the Yoo and the Hoo though. I don’t think it was ever there, I could be wrong on this one though. I don’t remember the Yoohoo logo as clear as I do some of the other post Mandela Effect examples here. So you tell me, what do you remember?

yoohoo mandela

Do You Remember Oscar Meyer, Or Oscar Mayer?

So many people and I’m talking thousands remember Oscar Mayer, as Oscar Meyer. Many of which point out that they were captivated by the Oscar Mayer tune. They remember singing the song “my bologna has a first name its Oscar, my bologna has a second name it’s Meyer.” But now in 2016 the name to many seems to be different. They freaky thing is that every instance of the commercial on record has also been changed. As I keep asking, is this just an example of mass forgetfulness? I am starting to lean towards something a bit more sinister. Do you remember? If so please comment below!

oscar meyer mandela effect

and this is the “original” commercial from the early 70’s. Me personally I remember the song well and have always remembered it as Oscar Meyer!


Sex In The City, Or Sex And The City?

And how about the extremely popular sitcom, Sex In The City! Right, do you remember that? If you do your going to be surprised to learn there is no such show! In fact the show your thinking of is called Sex And The City! Why do thousands of people remember the show as Sex In The City then? Is this really just a case of an entire generation of people with bad memories? I’m no brain surgeon, but I think the probability of that happening is next to impossible. I can see thousands of people not remembering something accurately, but to have all of their inaccurate thoughts equate to the same thing, I don’t think so.

sex in the city

And just when you think things couldn’t get any crazier they do! The Mandela Effect is not isolated to Movies, Products and Slogans. Thousands of people are also coming forward claiming that the geography that they once knew is different. Complete continents have been shifted, or are missing completely from world maps and globes. As I said earlier, it’s easy to brush off a few claims as memory, but when thousand and thousands of people begin to come forward and all of them remember things identically, but in reality they are different! Something strange is going on and it needs to be looked into further!

Did South America Drift Off To The East?

Lets look at South America. Anything look out-of-place to you? If you were thinking that South America was to far off to the east you wouldn’t be alone. In fact I personally think South America looks a little off on the maps of our current time / dimension. I remember South America being more west than it is, sitting almost right under North America. How do you remember South America? Please use the comment section below to post your thoughts!

south america

Australian Mandela Effect Oddities!

Then we have two different things going on with Australia. Most people remember a land mass that sat just off the west coast of Australia. Look at any map of today and yesterday and you will see it was “never there.” Oddly enough a very observant movie buff found this image of a world globe in a mid-90s movie. Look, what do you see? A land mass sitting off the west coast of Australia!

Many people also believe that New Zealand is also out-of-place. Ask most people and they will tell you New Zealand sits off the north-east coast of Australia. Look at any map of the world though and you will now see something much different. In fact New Zealand now sits off the south coast of Australia!

australia mandela effect

Did any of these Mandela Effect examples strike a chord with you? If so it doesn’t stop here my friend! There are hundreds if not thousands of more changes out there. More and more are being documented daily by people like me and you. You will find tons more information on the Mandela Effect around the web, so head to your favorite search engine and start digging in. If you come across anything strange, or cool don’t be shy, share your experience in the comments section below.

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