Crazy Lady Buys Lobster And Dose What With It!

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She noticed there was just one lonely lobster left in the tank, so she did something completely off the wall!

Instead of doing what most normal people would do with freshly caught lobster. She sends the lobster on a cross country journey that was probably more traumatic to the lobster than throwing in a bucket of boiling water.

So the story starts at the grocery store where her and her husband “saw a lobster surrounded by the animals that had already lost their lives but he was still alive and we had to do something.” They then, like thieves in the night played the grocer like they were going eat the lobster for dinner.  Little did the grocer know they had different plans, HA HA HA jokes on you, you mean old grocer! J/K that was absolutely ridiculous, I would have been up front with the grocer,  I mean why lie? But anyway…….

So after spending $20 on the lobster, this lady spent $225 to ship it back to Nova Scotia! Where “Lobby Joe” was released back into the wild. Where he will be caught by another fishing vessel  and be shipped back to the same super market, where the next buyer will hopefully eat Lobby Joe.

While this crazy is busy wasting time, money and food to release an animal that has absolutely no feelings, thousands of kids in America will go without supper tonight. But that doesn’t matter, Lobby Joe is free, free as a bird again! He no longer has to suffer, oh the suffrage!!!

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