Liberal Journalist Tries To Buy AR-15 To Prove Lax Gun Control Laws And FAILS!

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Chicago Sun Times Liberal Journalist, Neil Steinberg Wanted To Show America How Dangerously Easy It Was To Buy An AR-15 And Failed Miserably!

There are so many misconceptions about guns in America it’s disgusting. One of those misconceptions is that guns are as easy to purchase in America as a 6-pack of Coors Light. It’s not hard to imagine why, I mean with all the lies and misinformation the Obama administration is force feeding the American people about guns and the buying process. So one liberal journalist from the Chicago Sun Times who has been thoroughly brainwashed by the lefts propaganda set out to show the entire nation that the left is right. To do that he came up with a grand idea to document a AR-15 purchase. Surely showing the ease of the gun purchase would prove to the rest of America that in fact Obama is right, buying an AR-15 is way to easy in America.

Neil was off, on his way to prove to the nation that buying an AR-15 “is to easy!” I think in reality Neil was hoping for a gun transaction that was similar to purchasing beer, or cigarettes at a 7-11. He soon realized that buying a gun in America is not as easy as Obama and his gun grabbing swingers would have you, the non-informed public believe.

Long story short the gun control laws in place prevented a criminal from purchasing a firearm that day. That’s right, When the owner of the gun store ran a background check on Neil Steinberg it came back denied! It seems that Neil had a drinking problem that led to him beating his wife several years prior to the attempted gun purchase. The NICS, or National Instant Criminal Background Check System which all potential gun purchasers are subject to did what it was supposed to do.

Afterwards Neil attempted to bury the story, saying that “because he was a reporter” the gun shop would not sell an AR-15 to him. Neil’s boss smelling a big fat liar called the owner of the gun shop inquiring about Neil’s attempted gun purchase. After the truth was revealed, his boss forced Neil to run the story, including the part about being a drunk and a wife beater.

Neil’s failed attempt at proving the system wrong, proves that the gun purchasing laws in place now are more than sufficient. All of the mostly fake loopholes you keep hearing about on CNN are just that, fake. It is next to impossible for a criminal to legally purchase a firearm from any gun shop in America. If president Obama was as serious about preventing gun casualties as he says he is. He would be targeting the black market sale of firearms in the United States, not scapegoating the 2nd amendment and law abiding American’s.

In closing I urge you to do your own research on guns and gun law in America before believing anything you here, or read in the media. The two biggest liars of all time are working together to take your guns and they are gaining ground. Now more than ever they have a mass of brainwashed people believing gun lies and misinformation. They use tragedies to further skew the facts and further demonize your legal guns. Ultimately though the fact remains, guns aren’t going anywhere! We are either going to remain inline with the ideas and documents that make America a free country, or we are going to slip into complete gun confiscation and control. In case number one law abiding citizens own the guns, in case number two criminals own the guns. So if you think you’ll be more secure in a country where only criminals are armed keep listening and believing the lies!

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