Levitating Devices Are Right Around The Corner

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You might find it hard to believe, but levitating devices like cars and hover boards may be a reality in our not to distant future. Recently there have been radical advances in this technology. The most promising is something called Acoustic levitation. Acoustic levitation utilizes pressure waves from sound to levitate objects.  The sound frequencies used to levitate objects is beyond what the human ear can pick up making it, so the process is completely silent to a human spectator. As of right now acoustic levitation is still in it’s infancy. The technology has a long, long way to go before we become a Jetson like society. Though with companies like Ford Motor Company taking great interest in levitation technology advances are sure to accelerate!

If you think levitating devices are far fetched you might want to rethink things. Before every great breakthrough is a period of unbelief. Like space flight, or the microprocessor these were also things that many found to be to fantastical to ever become a reality, but they did. There is literally no limit to human ingenuity!

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