The Largest Tornado Of All Time, From Birth To Death

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The Largest Tornado Ever Recorded Was An Massive 2.6 Mile Wide, F5 Monster That Ripped Through Oklahoma May 2013.

The tornado started as a large wedge tornado that became very deceiving. It was so large that the it began spawning smaller vortices, masking the super massive 2.6 mile wide monster. At this point many forecasters lost sight of the big picture, over looking the real threat. The threat was so big that I don’t think it registered with allot of people. Nothing of this size had ever been seen, or recorder before. It would make it self apparent soon enough though! As you watch this video pay close attention to about the 6:00 minute mark. At this point the tornado is taking up the entire frame, but the smaller tornados in the frame give the shot the appearance they are the only vortexes on the ground. When in reality almost the entire shot is one gigantic F5 tornado.

Earlier that day the National Weather Service put out a warning for the Oklahoma City area. This caused chaos on Oklahoma City’s back roads and streets. The warning goes out to the people keeping them safe, but the warning also goes out to every storm chaser in the mid-west. The traffic became so chaotic with storm chasers trying to get in and blocking roadways that people were yelling and screaming, there were accidents and the entire situation became one giant, panicked, chaotic mess.

Of the people who lost their lives that day, three were experienced storm chasers. They were forced in place by the chaos in the streets. When the massive tornado shifted it’s trajectory they were in it’s line of fire. Tim Samaras, his son Paul and Carl Young were all respected, seasoned professionals who sadly passed during the events in this video.

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