World Record RC Airplane, Turbine Powered Boeing 747 Virgin Atlantic Airliner

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The 1:13 Scale Virgin Atlantic, Boeing 747 Airplane Is Not Your Average RC Airplane!

The massive Virgin Atlantic replica radio controlled flying machine is the largest rc airplane ever designed. But to call it an rc plane is a bit of an understatement seeings that it is powered by 4 jet turbine engines. The powerful turbine engines are basically the same technology used in authentic jet airliners, but in a much smaller package.

So just how massive is this monolithic rc plane? The wing span, from wing tip, to wing tip is over 16 feet wide! The total length of this rc plane is more than 17 feet from nose tip to tail! Surprisingly though the entire plane weighs less than 200 pounds. It’s hard to judge it’s true size in the air, but when grounded and shadowed by people you begin to get a real sense of just how large this rc airplane really is.

largest rc airplane

The detail put into this massive flying machine is equally as impressive as it’s size. The smallest of details have been accurately replicated from the British fly girl, down to the the door latches. In fact when compared side, by side the model airplane and the real-life airplane look absolutely identical as pictured below.

rc planes compared

A typical rc airplane is powered by either an electric, or nitro powered engine, which turns a propeller.  To be as authentic as possible the builders of the Virgin Atlantic 747-400 model airplane had to use something different. Their rc plane is powered by actually jet, or turbine engines. The 4 jet engines use the same basic technology that real-life jet engines use. When operating they even sound similar to an authentic jet engine, tuned down a few decibels.

rc turbines

For a real appreciation of the this model rc airplane you have to see it in action. The rc plane looks 100% authentic from take off, through flight and finally during landing!

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