Lady Finds A Live Sand Dollar, You Won’t Believe What’s On The Under Side Of It!

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If you’ve ever been to the beach you’ve probably found sand dollars among the seashells, but chances are you’ve never seen one like this!

Most people know what a sand dollar is, in fact I’m willing to bet that most of you have had a sand dollar or two at some point in your life. Whether you found them yourself on a beach, or bought them from a Souvenir shop on one of your family vacations, or who knows maybe aunt Betty took a trip to Florida and brought you back some of these mysterious discs as a memento of her trip. Regardless of how you came across your sand dollars I can guarantee you have never seen one like this!

That is until now, check out the live sand dollar this lady found on an undisclosed beach. One thing is for sure this lady really knows what she’s talking about. One of the obvious differences between the dead sand dollars, that most of us are familiar with and live sand dollars are their color. The real living sand dollars are a dark black to grey color, but what’s most impressive and mind boggling are the belly sides of these things. The thousands, upon thousands of tiny independently moving legs makes the live sand dollar look more like and alien from a distant planet.

It’s kind of cool seeing something living that I never new had a living side of it to begin with!

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