Jared Fogle Gets Released From Prison Early, You Wont Believe Why They Cut This Pedophile Loose!

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Jared Fogle, convicted pedophile and ex-Subway spokesman was released from prison early due to an over crowded prison system. He was doing a 5 to 15 year bid for molesting a child and possessing child pornography on his computer. Frogel will now serve out the rest of his sentence in the comfort of his own home, on house arrest.

Joseph Rory, a rep. for the Federal Bureau of Prisons stated that;

“Mr. Fogle’s case was considered carefully and it was determined that he is not a threat to society and was eligible to serve his time outside of Federal custody. His movements will be closely monitored, and he will not be allowed outside of his home for more than 1 hour per day. All efforts have been made to keep the public safe. Unfortunately, our prisons are operating at nearly 200% over capacity, and it has become impossible to continue to stuff more inmates into buildings that are coming apart at the seams.”

While in prison Fogle received a beat down from one of his fellow prisoners. The career criminal who left Fogle beaten and bloodied on the prison yard was career criminal, Steven Nigg. Nigg wanting to gain notoriety and status for himself within the prison system beat Jared Fogle within an inch of his life. Nigg also reportedly wanted to send a message out to all inmates doing time for child sex crimes.

Jared Fogle’s Climb to fame, then ignition into flames timeline!

This is a timeline of Jared Fogle’s rise to fame as Subways front man and his fall from celebrity status for crimes against children.

1998 – Jared gives up on gorging and begins his unusual Subway diet.

1999 – By 1999 Jared has lost 245 pounds going from 425 pounds with a 60 inch waste down to 185 pounds with a 34 inch waste, he shares his Subway weight-loss story with Indiana University’s daily student newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student.

jared fogle fat

2000 – Subway airs the first Jared Fogle inspired commercial showing before and after photos of Jared. Stardom, he appears on Oprah and several other talk shows turning Fogle into a celebrity almost over night.

jared fogle

2004 – The Jared Foundation was created, a foundation focused on preventing childhood obesity.

2002 – Jared’s story takes Subway from a struggling restaurant chain to a thriving multi-million dollar mega chain. Subway intensifies the Fogle push with more commercials inspired by his weight loss, he’s become a spokesperson for the company at this point.

2008 – Subway announces Subway has doubled in size since introducing Jared Fogle into their advertising scheme.

2010 – Jared runs the NY Marathon as for the first time with Subway’s backing.

jared fogle

2015 – By 2015 the entire Jared Fogle phenomena has pretty much wore off, Subway is still using Fogle in their marketing efforts. It is in 2015 that Russell Taylor, head of Frogle’s “The Jared Foundation” is arrested on child pornography charges, Taylor was found with hundreds of images, of boys and girls as young as 9 years old.

July 2015 – The Feds raid Jared Fogle’s home, he is initially not charged with any crimes. Subway cuts ties with Jared completely.

August 2015 – Jared Fogle is charged with several child sex crimes including having sex with a minor and distributing and receiving child pornography.

November 2015 – Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography and traveling across state lines for commercial sex with a minor.

May 2016 – Jared Fogle was released from prison and put on house arrest in an attempt to free up space in a prison system for violent criminals.

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