Boarder Patrol Agent: Illegals Bringing Tuberculosis, Scabies & Disease Into The United States

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US Border Patrol Agent and Vice President of boarder patrol union talks border security and infectious diseases.

When we talk about illegal immigration, we often talk about the economic and physical threats associated with bringing undocumented people unto the United States. But by far one of the greatest threats that undocumented and open immigration poses is that of disease and pestilence. Tuberculosis is the main threat that should worry every American. Under Obama, Illegal Aliens have been shipped throughout the United States without being properly vetted. This is a proven fact that has been verified through several credible news sources.

Despite what misleading media outlets have reported, the threat of illegal’s importing disease to America is a very real threat. In fact the mainstream media as a whole agreed and warned us often of the threat pre-Obama era. But now by some magical force, millions of South Americans have been brought into America and the disease we were once warned of have all magically disappeared.

Here is an article that the LA Times released in August of 1989, titled “Mutual Assault : U.S., Mexico Join Hands and Funds to Fight the Spread of Tuberculosis

This is another article detailing the threat of tuberculosis in one Mexico city, “Tijuana Battles Mexico’s Highest Rate Of Tuberculosis

And then there is this medial paper which was released in 1990, “Drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Mexico

The articles, mostly from the 90’s, as I mentioned pre-Obama error go on and on. All you have to do is look for them. Now we have the same media outlets telling us there is no threat. Drug resistant Tuberculosis, whats that?

The point is, this entire illegal immigration scheme that Obama has set up under the guise of humanity needs to be shut down. Even our ancestors were vetted at Ellis Island in NY. Some were kept for weeks to verify they were not contagious, or infected. So what ever happened to common sense, do you think Obama is really that stupid, or do you think there might be some kind of hidden agenda going on. Look at the EU it’s a disaster, I think we can safely say that was an orchestrated mess, now the same thing is happening in America, what are the chances?

If not for public health, for public safety!



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