Tick Epidemic 2016, This Is How You Remove Them

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Chances are you or your pet will get at least one tick this summer, do you know how to remove them?

Summer walks in the woods are very enjoyable.However you should be careful, not only for the obvious things like snakes or spiders or certain plants like poison ivy. But also the harder to spot things like Ticks. Ticks do not produce webs therefore you cant necessarily see where they are staying. They normally stay on the undersides of leaves waiting for an animal or human to rub against it. As most of us know a tick is a parasite therefore¬† it needs a host to feed. These parasites can carry diseases from previous hosts which is why they are dangerous. If you get one and then remove it without cleaning the bite you could get sick, not all the time though. They say you should apply heat to the tick to make it uncomfortable so it will back out of its host and then you can kill it. An easier way to remove a tick is to get front line plus. Yes, this is for dogs and cats but you can use it to. Find the tick if you have or think you have got a tick. if you do then apply 2-4 drops above the tick and let it run down around the tick. Within a matter of seconds the tick should back out and die almost simultaneously. This is a lot easier because you don’t have to run the risk of burning yourself. Also when the tick backs out if it drops you will not have to worry about it running around your house so it will bite you again. It will already be dead by the time it backs out if you use the front line plus pet medicine.



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