Hoverboarding The Edge Of A Skyscraper At 400 Feet! This Goes Beyond Crazy And Into The Realm Of Pure Stupidity!

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Oleg Cricket, possibly one of the craziest, or dumbest people to have ever walked the face of the earth is an amateur daredevil with a death wish!

Balancing yourself on the edge of a 400 plus foot skyscraper while riding your hoverboard is not a recommended activity, but I’m sure you realize that. In fact I think the majority of people on planet realize doing something as foolish is nothing short of stupid. Oleg though, Oleg is different! Oleg fits into a class of people that makes the common daredevil look like a gutless wuss. Oleg is one of those people that goes beyond extreme and into the realm of complete and udder stupidity!

The truth of the matter is that Oleg is very well practiced. He has been training in gymnastics, acrobatics, and martial arts for years. His years of training have kept him alive long enough to wow the world of social media and beyond. But unfortunately and I hate to be the one to say it. Sooner, or later his luck is going to run out. Oleg one day I’m afraid is going to find himself sky diving without a parachute! History tells no lies and just about every extreme daredevil at some point runs out of luck. For some daredevils that means serious injury, but for someone playing on the edge of a 400 foot skyscraper that means pushing daisies!

This is the full video of Oleg Hoverboarding on the edge of a 400 plus foot skyscraper

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