Hillary Clinton Has Seizure During This Interview!

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Clinton Then Attempts To Play The Seizure Off Like A Comedy Skit.

Did Hillary Clinton just take a seizure,  a convulsion, or was it something more nefarious? Some people are saying this event is a glimpse into Hillary Clinton’s satanic world. It shows a spirit, demon, or entity entering, or leaving her body. I personally don’t know if I would go that far, but something is obviously wrong and very disturbing about this video. So lets lay out all of the marbles, one of three things happened here. Whether you agree with this, or not there can be no other explanations for this type of behavior.


Hillary Clinton Had A Convulsion, Or Took A Seizure.

Hillary Clinton could have had a medically verifiable seizure in this video clip. In which case this video should be alarming to everyone, whether you support her, or not. I would think that a condition  inducing uncontrollable convulsions would disqualify Hillary Clinton from running for President of The United States of America. I would also think that she would not be fit to continue operating as the Secretary of State. I may be wrong here, so if there is someone out there who is of a professional capacity, who can address this more clearly, please do in the comment section below.


Hillary Clinton Was Trying To Be Funny By Acting Retarded.

The second thing that could have happened in this video is that Hillary Clinton was trying to be funny while acting like she was retarded. This is in my mind is probably the least likely of the three possibilities laid out here. There was nothing funny about her actions, in fact even the reporters after realizing something wasn’t right looked horrified by her fit. But just for the sake of argument I will include this possibility, because it is just that a slight possibility!


Hillary Clinton Is Possessed, Or Something Supernatural Happened Here.

Even though I personally have a hard time believing in possession and equivalent supernatural phenomena it has to be considered given the odd behavior of Hillary Clinton in this video. There are many people who do believe that this video is testament to the fact that Hillary is possessed by some spiritual being, or entity. I think it is important to consider Hillary Clinton’s close association with satanism and occultism when considering this explanation.

Am I wrong, are there any other possibilities? If so please use the comment section below to chime in. I am really kind of freaked out by this footage. Even though, like I mentioned before I don’t whole heartedly believe in the spiritual, or supernatural world there is something about this incident that just does not look natural.

Please comment below!

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  1. Reply vance August 3, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    I think its #1 and #3

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